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  Dog Crate

Known as the crate, dog pen, home kennel or dog house

For thousands of years dogs have responded to their instinct to den by creating one under a table, in a corner or a closet. To you it's a crate, to your dog, it's a den, a home with a view. It provides a secure area with walls all around - a forest without bugs.

It's a housebreaking tool because dogs and wolves do not soil their den. You can take your puppy from its home to its bathroom to teach housebreaking. It's a place where a dog can dream about food or rest quietly knowing it's shielded from cats, kids and other dogs. It's a sanctuary for your dog, a way to escape small children when it needs some space; an opportunity to teach kids about "space" and how everything needs a little.

It's a familiar, homey place for your dog because it's scented by its own body with a soft rug and favorite old chew toy. It's great for puppy socialization, allowing your puppy to be in the middle of everything without being in the middle. It teaches a puppy about time out and gives you a chance to take time for yourself. It prevents destructive chewing when you can't be in the same place as your puppy. To an old dog its crate is like a pair of slippers, friendly, relaxing, well worn and well known. Keep your dog safe... invest in a crate! Is one of the best investments you can make.

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