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Staffordshire Bull Terrier kennel: By Spartan Law

We're a small FCI registered kennel, located in the southern region of The Netherlands. Specializing in "Athletic" blood that is character-bred. All our dogs are well socialized and raised with my kids. Our dogs are true to the old style form of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier or more precisely its predecessor: the Bull and Terrier. That said, we believe breeding is an on-going process and our dogs are a reflection of such selection criteria. We won't make any crazy claims about our dogs, were confident in what were breeding. We'll be doing one or two breedings a year at the most. This can mean that the use of waiting lists wont be shunned. Feel free to express your interest, so that we will keep you informed.

Having a small operation allows us to keep our dogs well socialized, as they were intended to be kept. This is a hobby and a passion (obsession). We don't breed for income, most of the money from these dogs goes back into the yard or dogs. If you can't keep these dogs the way they should be kept, please move on, this isn't the kennel for you. If you don't have knowledge of the old style type of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier but insist to have a pup look elsewhere. These dogs require responsible ownership.

This breed is not for everyone!

That said, the information on this site can help to introduce the novice to the type of dog that once defined this breed. We stimulate broadening of the knowledge base, the elimination of unjust prejudices, and if suitable successive responsible ownership of dogs in general and certain breeds in particular.

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