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  BSL kennel breedings - a general introduction

BSL kennel breedings - a general introduction

Our goal and breeding ethics:

Our goal in all our own breedings is to breed these dogs as close as possible to the way the Bull and Terrier (B&T; the predecessor of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier (SBT)) was bred. This should be all you need to know.

For the novice we will break it down just a little bit more: we strive to produce a dog true to this type, an intelligent, extremely people friendly, hardy, healthy and athletic dog of impeccable strong-minded character, that incarnates the high drive and the dominant boldness that the B&T and SBT were once renown for and should still define this breed. We use premium examples of some of the lines, which do possess these traits. To all novices: do not be ashamed, we all have to start somewhere. Do know that a high degree of knowledge is necessary for responsible ownership of dogs in general, and certain breeds in particular due to media demonisation. Furthermore, do know that we do not promote irresponsible ownership of any dog, let alone one of the breeds that we hold so dearly.

Occasional outcrosses within premium strains have proven to be a quite worthwhile addition to the SBT genepool in general, and may also be incorporated in our own breeding program after proper evaluation.


Breed enthusiasts and responsible breeders can contact us for details on pups currently available and on upcoming breedings. All our studs, bitches, and pups receive the very best of care on our yard. Do not bother contacting us about a dog unless you know these dogs and their needs.

We all have private lives. We respect your private life, please return the favor. All visits to our yard are therefore by appointment only.

Want a cheap dog, a good hustle? Our dogs are not cheap. Serious Inquiries Only. Educate yourself before contacting us. Do not waste our time.

Stud Service:

Stud Service can be provided for those few responsible breeders, who either want to infuse their own breeding program with the virtues of our male dogs; or want to infuse maximal athleticism, health and character with a minimal need for deviation of their own breeding program, in which pure aesthetic standards are the core elements.

No dogs bred, raised or sold for any illegal purposes.

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