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  By Spartan Law Kennels Introduction part 2

Staffordshire Bull Terrier kennel: By Spartan Law

Welcome to our site. We are ambassadors for the Spartan breeds and provide an informational website in order to try to shed some light on certain aspects of these great breeds that are misunderstood to such an extent.

We do love the all-round, athletic, working dogs with sound temperaments and the heart, build and stamina as these dogs were meant to be. We believe that solid foundations are a necessity to create solid futures. Our passion for these dogs is reflected by the behavior, intelligence and physical capabilities of our dogs. Every dog is considered a member of a legacy of a great family that we hope will continue to flourish for generations in the hands of responsible owners. We have never made fancy claims, the dogs should speak for themselves. We feel that people should keep, feed and breed the dogs they like but also respect others for what they choose to do.

While we acknowledge the history of the breed the past is the past. If you are looking for dogs for illegal activities please exit now and move along, you are wasting both your time and ours because you are looking at the wrong place. It is very simple: just open your search engine and look elsewhere. We have always preferred the old school type dogs because that's the way the breed was intended to be for over 200 years. To understand and raise whatever breed properly, we must know how they evolved, know their history, accept it, acknowledge it and study it. Without the past we could not have the present, nor the future. The past is what created the great dogs we have today. These dogs are so intelligent and versatile, they are good at almost everything any conventional breed is good at, just try is what we say. If you like to help in the preservation of a true representative of a real dog, instead of a hollow shell you will very likely respect our efforts.

We do not promote this breed to everyone, however, we do encourage responsible dog ownership by every owner. We will always be committed to showing the world what great dogs they are and not the media monsters they see on the news. Something dog folks need to wake up and realize is that there is power in unity, there is no power in segmentation. That said, stay true to the dog and its capacities as it is intended to be, otherwise you are not putting effort in the survival of a true breed but an empty vessel. People need to stop the stupid bickering, gossiping and banning of one another before they ban these (our!) dogs everywhere. We do not participate in any kind of internet gossip, since we think there are more important things in life than arguing about dogs or their owners. We put this info here so people can get a small taste of what we represent. We will end this by saying: Stand for something, or you will fall for anything.

Enjoy your stay,

By Spartan Law kennels

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